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hey every1! ok so i just signed up for classes for the next for years of my life. i guess at winsor they like people to have a plan for life... its kinda sad cuz it hasn't really hit me that im not going to b at shs next year which is why im not really sad about leaving...yet... anyway the classes are pretty cool, i think i'll have fun. plus i've been emailing this girl named becca whose on the field hockey team and she was my buddy guide person when i went for the day. OMG i have to take a french placement test on wednesday! i am so screwed cuz i haven't learned like anything from the ms.superbitchlakewater and i'll have to miss the last 1/2 hour of science which means leaving lukas alone to finnish sludge and i've already missed one sludge and he's gonna be so pissed at me but that i don't really care about what i care about is not failing the french placement thingy which i probably will!!!
anyway... i g2g
mwa mwa
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